Achieve operational efficency, engage with customers, and mitigate risk in real-time.

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Ampool’s robust and highly capable memory centric data store enables modern data driven applications with real-time actionalble insights.

RISK: Mitigate in Real-Time

Detect anomalies and resolve issues in real-time, not after they occur.

Risk Management

Take timely actions to manage and mitigate enterprise risk.

  • Quantify risks in aggregated portfolios across the organization and perform scenario analyses for better risk planning
  • Detect and identify fraud, intrusions, and security breaches by analyzing millions of data and events in real-time
  • Gain better visibility into high-risk areas

Success Story:

Bank Creates In-Memory Real-Time Data Platform for Fraud Detection

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Customer Analytics

Engage your customers and improve loyalty through better interaction.

  • Collect, process, and analyze customer data stored in CRM applications, databases, and other channels
  • Measure customer interaction, engagement, and loyalty


Target customers and analyze customer behavior to drive revenues.

  • Gain 360-degree view into customer behavior and increase support agility
  • Capture, analyze, and process customer activity to create a personalized user experience
  • Create upsell and cross-sell opportunities by providing customized recommendations
  • Enable customer segmentation and targeting in real-time through a powerful data platform

Success Story:

Accelerating Media Store Analytics, Creating Alternative to Expensive Data Warehousing Platform

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CONTEXT: Engage in Real-Time

Build contextual intelligence of your customers to engage in real-time, not after they go home.

SMART: Transact in Real-Time

Leverage signal data to accelerate operational efficiency in real-time, not after process failure.

Real-time Data Analytics

Glean business intelligence and make better decisions — in real-time.

  • Collect data from multiple and disparate sources and store them in a centralized data platform that supports faster data analytics and processing
  • Utilize a single interface for better collaboration and interaction
  • Transform data into consistent and readable formats compatible with enterprise applications and integration tools

IoT Analytics

Power your internet-enabled devices and obtain insights in an instant.

  • Ingest data directly coming from connected devices and industry standard sensors
  • Process and analyze millions of real-time data with an active and powerful data platform to deliver real-time insights
  • Utilize Apache Spark (or other ML framework) to process sensor data and meet wide-ranging application requirements

Success Story:

Industrial Internet of Things (lloT) Platform Enabled Real-Time Modeling and Anomaly Detection

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