Continuing from our previous post on mutable tables, Introducing MTable, we now see how we can interact with this data abstraction through REST API’s. The Ampool developer REST interface runs as an embedded HTTP or HTTPS service (Jetty server) within an Ampool ADS server. For the purpose of documentation, the developer REST

Introducing MTable

Continuing from the previous post, we now introduce MTable, one of the mechanisms to store/Query/Scan data from Ampool’s Active Data Store (ADS). MTable stands for mutable table. In subsequent posts we will learn more about MTable but at the core, it is a distributed tabular data structure that is partitioned based on a

Introducing Ampool Tables

As mentioned in previous posts, Ampool is a memory-centric, data aware, distributed store which extends the proven open source Apache Geode project to support multiple types of application workloads. Apache Geode is a distributed in-memory key-value store which primarily supports the low latency transactional workloads using the data storage abstraction