Public cloud, once primarily used by agile startups, has taken the enterprise IT infrastructure by storm. Instant fulfillment, a wealth of services, pay-as-you-go model (in addition to reserved resources), multiple deployment options (bare metal, virtual machines, containers, and functions) have attracted application developers in startups and large companies alike to the public clouds.

At Ampool, we have been using Amazon’s public cloud, AWS, for development, testing, benchmarking, proof of concepts, & sharing artifacts from day one, thanks to the generous AWS Activate grant. While we have designed Ampool Active Data Store (ADS) as a cloud-agnostic in-memory computing platform, and have tested it on other public clouds, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and IBM’s Softlayer, customer inquiries about Ampool’s availability on AWS topped among all the other public clouds.

As a result, we are announcing today that Ampool ADS is now available on AWS Marketplace.

We are keeping our commitment that the single node version for development and testing will be free forever, and have listed a Free Single Instance AMI (EC2 Charges may apply) at The single node version should not be used for production, since it lacks several capabilities for high availability & fault tolerance.

For production deployments, we have listed Ampool Cluster Version at, with a 31-day free trial. Ampool Cluster edition is based on CloudFormation Template, which allows a single click deployment of Ampool ADS on EC2 instances.

Currently, version 1.5 of Ampool ADS is listed on AWS. We will be upgrading it to version 2.0, when we finish stress testing it.

Documentation of Ampool ADS for both on-premises and AWS deployments is available at

Try it out, and send us feedback.

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