Democratizing Fast Analytics

Ampool is on a mission to enable real-time data-intensive applications and to reduce time to actionable insights through a distributed, memory-centric active data store.

In the last decade, Hadoop and NoSQL data stores have deconstructed the database, separating persistence, metadata management, query engines, resource scheduling, cluster management, and monitoring. In a similar way, Ampool aims to democratize in-memory multi-modal analytical processing, paving way to a unified real-time analytics platform.

Ampool Active Data Store is designed to support stream ingestion and analytics, analytical/batch processing, transactions, and interactive/ad-hoc queries, all from a single memory-centric store. Powered by Apache Geode™, it offers low overhead, lightning fast, in-memory performance for data-driven applications without compromising on reliability and availability.

Ampool Advantage

Ampool Active Data Store provides concurrent, high-speed data access by pooling together Volatile as well as Non-Volatile memory.

Reduce operational complexity

Use a single data management platform for data ingestion, analytical processing and serving applications instead of using disparate products.

Improve time to insights

Lightening fast analytics directly on the active data tier reduces time to insights from hours to minutes.

Do more with same resources

Efficiently utilize costly system resources, such as DRAM, yielding better ROI from existing hardware investments.

Preserve your Big Data investments

Eliminate the need to build additional, redundant infrastructure to tackle next-generation data processing challenges.

Get Started with Ampool

Ampool developer edition is free to try.


Use Cases

Ampool's lightning-fast data store makes it suitable for any application, enabling quicker insights and faster response.
Few common use-case are:

IoT Analytics

Reduce operational complexity by directly ingesting event data, process via Apache Spark and serve Apps, all from the same in-memory active data tier.

User Behavior Analytics

Whether it is AdTech or Retail, Ampool enables real-time decisions by capturing user activity, improving conversions and driving revenues.

Anomaly Detection

A common concern across multiple verticals, Ampool enables computation engines to detect unusual activity (intrusion, fraud, etc.) and take a timely action to mitigate risks.