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Ampool In-Memory Data Store

  • Powers lightning fast stream ingestion and analytics
  • Rapid batch processing and transactions
  • Real-time interactive/ad-hoc queries

All from a single memory-centric store.


Ampool’s fast, continuous ingest and in-memory analytics shortens the ingest-prepare-analyze process from hours to seconds.

Lightning-fast Analytics

Optimize performance without compromising on availability. Analyze structured data, transactional data, and other “hot” data as they happen -even before they are stored.


Extensible architecture leverages Best-of-Breed Engines and supports Near-App, Big Data, Operational Data, Operational Data, and Advanced Analytics.

Distributed in-memory platform

Reduce time to insights by eliminating cumbersome ingest-prepare-analyze processes that used to take to days – now done in seconds.

Use Cases

Ampool’s lightning-fast data store makes it suitable for any application, enabling quicker insights and faster query response. Some common use cases include:

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Ampool supports integrations at various levels: low-level language bindings, interfaces with compute and storage frameworks, and full-stack data platforms.